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Course registration for Semester 2 of the 2023-2024 academic year (Spring 2024) will be open from 15 November until 1 December in AUC Portal. Alternative choices may be submitted between 11 and 13 December. Below, you can find instructions and updates on the upcoming Course Registration.

If you’re experiencing any technical problems throughout the course registration procedure, please check this page to see if the issue has been reported already.

Update 1 December 2023

Course Registration round 1 closed – submit alternative choices between 11-13 December 

The first round of the course registration period for Semester 2 (2023-2024) has been finalised and your preliminary course schedule can now be viewed in AUC Portal. Your schedule will be finalised on 13 December.

Selecting alternative courses due to cancelled or oversubscribed courses, or due to missing credits for a full course load: 11-13 December

Please note that AUC Portal will reopen from 11 December (opening at 08.00) to 13 December (closing at 16.00) for students who couldn't be registered for a full course load due to oversubscribed or cancelled courses, as well for those students who did not correctly select five courses in total. Students who will need to select an alternative or additional course will be contacted by the AUC Registrar before 11 December by email with instructions and more information on how to proceed.  

Please note that prerequisite exception requests must be submitted by 11 December 16.00. 

All course registrations are to be finalised by 13 December 

All course registrations for Spring 2024, including for students who have been contacted by the Registrar's team to select alternative or additional courses, will be finalised by 13 December. You can view all information related to course registration here: 

Update 29 November 2023

2 days until Course Registration for Semester 2 closes 

Please take a moment before this coming Friday 16.00 to make sure that you can answer all the following questions with “yes”:   

  • Have you selected four courses in the 16-week period (February-May) and one course for the 4-week period (June)?* 
  • Have you actively pressed ‘Submit Registration Request’ in the top right corner of AUC Portal?  
    Once submitted, a confirmation of submission will replace the ‘Submit Registration Request’ button and you will receive an email listing the courses you have requested. The confirmation will also be available in the Curriculum Overview under ‘Spring 2024’ in AUC Portal.  

*Or did you register for less than a fulltime course load because of studying abroad or because of finishing your last semester? In this case, you can also submit between 0 and 5 courses, and add an explanation when pressing 'submit'.  

Update 15 November 2023

Now open: Course Registration for Semester 2 (Spring 2024)  

You have from Wednesday 15 November 08.00 until Friday 1 December at 16.00 to submit your course preferences in AUC Portal. Prerequisite exception requests should be submitted by 27 November 16.00. 

Please read the instructions below and do not forget to click on the ‘Submit Request’ button to submit your course preferences.  

Update 15 November 2023

How to prepare for Semester 2 Course Registration (2023-2024)

From 15 November until 1 December 2023, you can register for courses for the upcoming semester. Please find detailed instructions and guidelines on the designated Course Registration page in our A-Z list. Below you can find a summary of the most important information to help you understand how to submit your course preferences for the next semester. 

Timeline for course registration: important dates
  • Course registration for Semester 2 of the 2023-2024 academic year (Spring 2024) will be open from Wednesday 15 November 08.00 until Friday 1 December 16.00 in the AUC portal (  
  • If you need to request an exception to a course prerequisite, you will be able to submit prerequisite exception requests between 15 November 2023 08.00 until 27 November 2023 at 16.00
  • Please note you are only submitting your course preferences; submitting your registration request does not mean you are already registered for the courses. In case the courses of your preference are oversubscribed, you will be asked to submit alternative choices between 11 and 13 December 2023. Prerequisite exception requests may be submitted between 11 December between 08.00 and 16.00 for alternative course choices. 
  • The full course catalogue (including descriptions, days/times) for the spring 2024 semester will be available from 13 November onwards in the Course Catalogue, in AUC Portal. 

How to prepare for course registration

  • Carefully read the document “Course Registration guidelines” and review the AUC Portal User Guide.   
    • You must submit 4+1 AUC courses of preference, unless you are studying abroad or if you need less than 4+1 courses to fulfill your graduation requirements in this semester. In these cases, AUC Portal will ask you to enter the reason for not submitting the full course load.
    • If you intend to do a Community Project or Internship (CP/I), you should select this as a course in AUC Portal. Please note, you will still need to apply according to the CP/I guidelines and you will not be formally registered unless your application has been approved. If your application falls through after course registration closes, you may register for an alternative Spring 2024 course during the Add/Drop period or by contacting the Registrar.
    • If you intend to take an off-campus course, you should register for alternative AUC courses in AUC Portal to ensure you have a full course load in case your off-campus course request gets denied. You will also need to apply according to the guidelines for off-campus courses by submitting a request to the Board of Examiners. Please apply at least 6 weeks in advance of the start of the course. Once your off-campus course request has been approved, ensure you promptly drop any additional AUC courses you will not be following during the Add/Drop period or by contacting the Registrar.
    • You must submit your requests in AUC Portal by actively clicking on the “Submit Registration Request” link in the top right corner before 1 December 16.00, in order for your requests to be processed.  
  • Read the Transition Document 2023-2024. This includes an overview of the changes from AUC NEXT, course changes and course cancellations, and the updated degree requirements per major. 
    • A comprehensive overview of all permanent and temporary changes to the Spring 2024 courses may be found in the Spring 2024 Changes Overview
  • View the Course overviews for 2023-2024. You can find an initial overview of courses and the fields of study that they relate to in the curriculum 'placemats'. 
  • Plan a meeting with your tutor. If you haven’t already done so, please reach out to your tutor to plan a meeting to discuss your course registration. You can use the updated Tutor Meeting Checklist to help guide your conversation and course planning.  


If you have questions or concerns about the course registration procedure, please feel free to contact the registrar via AUC’s Digital Service Desk. There are also in-person Service Desk Office Hours from Monday to Thursday from 12.30 to 13.30 at AUC’s reception desk where you can speak to an AUC staff member directly in the AUC Academic Building.