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Your feedback matters! Fill in your course evaluations to help us create better learning experiences. You can access your course evaluations by opening the questionnaires that were sent to your student mailbox on 11 December.

Win prizes by filling in your course evaluations 

To ensure we collect as many valuable opinions as possible, we are organising a Response Rate Contest. All classes that have achieved a minimum of 75% response rate are eligible to receive prizes as a token of our appreciation.  

Why it's important to fill in course evaluations   

Once you have completed your evaluation, several AUC staff members read and engage with your feedback. Your lecturer reviews the course evaluation and discusses the feedback with fellow lecturers in a peer review process. Lecturers then formulate adjustments for the next edition of the course. The Heads of Studies read both the course evaluations and lecturers’ reflections, and use these to reflect on the quality of all courses in a major or the Academic Core. The Director of Education and the Heads of Studies then report their conclusions about the quality of the curriculum back to the Board of Studies. In that report, they formulate important action points for the next semester or academic year. Finally, the Board of Studies also reviews course evaluations – and comments! – and makes recommendations to the Director of Education and Heads of Studies to strengthen the quality of the AUC programme.  

The success of this story begins with you and the feedback you provide in your evaluations. 

Be part of positive change 

A high response rate allows us to draw accurate conclusions about AUC’s courses. This collective input identifies strengths, highlights potential issues and enables us to make informed improvements. Your experience and insights directly contribute to shaping better courses for you and future students. 

Benefit the next group of students and know that your courses are positively influenced by the feedback of those that came before you. If you’re curious about the impact of past evaluations, you can explore the course adjustment section in your course manual(s). 

How to access your course evaluations 

You should have received emails with links to your course evaluation questionnaires on 11 December for each course. Please contact the AUC Digital Service Desk for assistance if you have any problems with opening, filling in, or submitting your course evaluations.