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Graduation & diploma

Graduation requirements & how to collect your diploma

Finishing your studies at AUC? Make sure you've reviewed the information on meeting the graduation requirements, ending your studies, attending the graduation ceremony and collecting your diploma.

When you have completed 180 European Credits and have met the requirements of your degree (see Academic Standards & Procedures) you are ready to graduate. Mind that this process requires your attention and you are strongly advised to monitor your progress towards graduation at the end of every semester. Your tutor is there to guide you in determining whether you have met the graduation requirements.

Graduation Ceremony

AUC hosts one graduation ceremony each year, usually in the first or second week after the end of the second semester. The ceremony celebrates the achievements of the graduating students and festively marks the beginning of their post-AUC journey. All students who complete their studies in January or June of that year are invited to participate in the graduation ceremony in July. Please mind that no actual degrees are conferred during the ceremony. The graduation ceremony is typically held in Koninklijk Theater Carré Amsterdam. More details are sent to all graduating students as the ceremony approaches. 

The Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2024 will take place at Koninklijk Theater Carré in Amsterdam. The date is currently being finalised and will be announced shortly. 

Celebration for February Graduates in January

A small-scale celebration for those finishing their studies at AUC in February 2024 will be held in late January (date to be announced). All February graduates should receive an email inviting them to attend which you must RSVP if planning to attend. Please note that all students finishing in February will also be invited to attend the official Graduation Ceremony in July. 

Graduation presentation by AUCSC & Registrar

Did you miss the AUC Student Council and AUC Registrar presentations on graduation? AUC Student Council organised two special information sessions on the graduation procedure and course registration procedure to answer the most frequently asked questions from students about these two processes at AUC. Even if you missed the sessions, you can still view the PPT presentations. 

Graduation Tracker in AUC Portal

The Graduation Tracker is a tool available directly in AUC Portal.  This tool will keep you up-to-date on the processing of your graduation checks, graduation status and when your diploma will be available to be collected. The tracker is visible in AUC Portal only to graduating students.

Access the Graduation Tracker

To access this tool, follow the steps below: 

  1. Log into AUC Portal
  2. Select Graduation Requirements
  3. Click on the text (it's a hyperlink) indicating your status to access the Graduation Tracker e.g., Graduation status: pending
  4. View the Graduation Tracker
    • The default status for each of the steps will always be “pending”. Upon each step being completed, the status will be updated in AUC Portal.

What happens at each step?

  1. Submit Academic Record Check
    • The Academic Record Check is submitted in AUC Portal by students who are planning to graduate in either February or July.
  2. Graduation checks
    • The Registrar will start processing your file based on the information received and your official academic records in SIS.
  3. BoE
    • Your file will be presented to the Board of Examiners for final approval.
  4. Diploma
    • Your diploma will be requested and printed by the UvA Central Student Administration. The diploma will then be returned to the AUC and signed by the member of the BoE. You will then be notified when and how your diploma can be collected.
  5. Collected
    • The diploma has been collected in person or sent by post.

Graduation procedure for students completing their studies in July 2023 

Step 1 – Check the official record of your academic progress

Confirm as soon as possible that the official record of your academic progress at AUC is complete and accurate by completing the Academic Record Check available on Portal: Make sure we receive the completed form no later than 1 July 2023 so that it can be processed in time for a July graduation. You must make sure that all of your grades and credits are correctly registered in our Student Information System (SIS). On the Academic Record Check Form, you can indicate any grades or activities that are still missing so that AUC’s Registrar’s Office can take this into account during Step 2. By filling out the academic record check form, you will help the Registrar’s Team to ensure that your degree certificate and diploma supplement are produced by UvA/VU without mistakes and on time.  If your form is received later than 1 July 2023, there is a risk that your degree certificate and diploma supplement will not be ready by 1 October 2023.

Off-campus courses
If you took off-campus courses that are not yet registered in SIS, please make sure that you send a scanned copy of a transcript via Grades for off-campus courses can only be processed with an original transcript (except for courses taken at the University of Amsterdam, as those are already registered in SIS). Regardless of whether the course was taken at the UvA, or another institution it is important to mention all courses taken outside of AUC on your Academic Record Check Form. Note that for all off-campus courses, permission from the Board of Examiners must have been obtained in advance.

Step 2 – The AUC Registrar checks whether you meet the degree requirements

Based on the information registered in SIS and your Academic Record Check Form, the Registrar will check whether you meet the degree requirements. If the Registrar has any questions about your situation, they will contact you directly. Your official date of graduation will be 31 July 2023. Please note that this is not the date that your diploma will be ready to be collected. This is the date that is listed as when you officially graduated, but your diploma will only be ready 4 to 8 weeks after this date (typically in September/October, but before 1 November 2023). In the meantime, you can request a statement of graduation which certifies that you have completed the programme should you need proof for Master's programmes or another reason before your diploma is ready. Please note that you can only request this statement once the Registrar has verified that you have met the degree requirements (you'll be able to see this in the Graduation Tracker).

Statement of Graduation vs. Statement of Expected Graduation
Please note that you can only request a “statement of graduation” once the BoE box has a green check in the Graduation Tracker in Portal. If the BoE box does not yet have a green check, the Registrar can only issue a "statement of expected graduation". These two documents are different, with a statement of graduation indicating you have met the requirements to graduate and this has been approved by the BoE (and you are only waiting for the diploma to be printed and signed). A "statement of expected graduation" means initial checks have been performed and you are on track to fulfil all requirements, but the BoE still needs to formally approve that you meet all conditions to graduate.

Step 3 – Collecting your degree certificate and diploma supplement

The Registrar's team will invite students by email to pick up their diplomas at AUC. There are three ways you can collect your degree certificate and diploma supplement:

  1. Collect it yourself (preferred option)
    You will be notified once your degree certificate and diploma supplement is ready for pickup. In the email, there will be a range of dates and times given when you can come to AUC and receive your degree certificate and diploma supplement from a member of the Registrar's team. 
  2. Authorise someone else to collect it for you
    If you are unable to collect your degree certificate and diploma supplement yourself, you can authorise someone else to collect it for you. You will have to fill out an authorisation form for the collection of degree certificate and diploma supplement. The person who is authorished should bring this document along in print when collecting the diploma. Please keep in mind that once your degree certificate and diploma supplement is given to the person you've authorised, AUC is no longer responsible for them. The person who collects your documents will need to make sure that they reach you safely. Please also keep in mind that you must sign your degree certificate as soon as it is received to make it valid. Most importantly, if your degree certificate gets lost, it is not possible to get a replacement, as they are only issued once. 
  3. Receive your diploma by mail
    If you are unable to come to AUC to pick up your degree certificate in person, you can also request to have it sent to a postal address via registered mail. If you wish to have your degree certificate mailed to you, please fill out a liability waiver and submit it to Please note that you will first have to pay a shipping fee of 40 EUR. Please keep in mind that you must sign your degree certificate as soon as it is received to make it valid. Most importantly, if your degree certificate gets lost, it is not possible to get a replacement, as they are only issued once. 

Frequently asked questions

I need to check whether all my grades and credits are recorded in SIS. How can I do this?
Log in to and go to:
- ‘My study detail’  in the left-hand menu.
- ‘Click on the ‘My study results’ tab for an overview.

Please note: when looking at ‘My study results’ in SIS, you will see (per course) - if you received a passing grade - the final grade and number of EC obtained.

I am still awaiting grades for one of my courses. Can I already do the academic record check?
Yes, please do the academic record check as soon as possible (if you have not done so already). Indicate on the form which grades are still missing in SIS and why.

The wrong grade is registered for one of my courses in SIS. What should I do?
Grades can only be changed when the lecturer indicates this directly to the Registrar. Please contact the lecturer of the course it concerns and ask him/her to report a grade change to the Registrar.

I followed more courses than the obligatory 180 EC at AUC. I would like to omit some courses from my diploma supplement so my final GPA will be higher. Is this possible?
No, it is not possible to omit any courses that are used to meet the degree requirements, even if together they add up to more than 180 EC.
The only courses that are not included in the final GPA are off-campus courses which the Board of Examiners specifically approved as being taken outside of the degree requirements. These courses will appear under a separate heading with a separate GPA. 

How is the final GPA calculated?
For more information on calculating GPA, please check Academic Standards and Procedures, article 3.8.1.

What other practical matters do I need to arrange upon graduating and leaving AUC? 
You can find a practical list of things to keep in mind upon graduating on the AUC Graduate Futures Canvas page here

Terminating your enrolment on graduation

Graduating in February

If you’re graduating in February, you must terminate your enrolment via Studielink. You can do this by:

  1. Logging into Studielink
  2. Select Terminate enrolment
  3. Fill out the Add request for termination of enrolment form
  4. Under "Reason" select Graduation
  5. Fill in "Terminate enrolment by" 1 March [if filling out the form during February]
  6. Under additional information, write "I wish to terminate my enrolment with a graduation date of 28 February"
  7. Confirm your request by ticking the box and clicking the blue button "Confirm

You submit a request for termination of enrolment via Studielink to inform your institution of higher education (AUC) that you wish to terminate your studies. Your request will be processed by the institution of higher education (AUC). They will officially terminate your enrolment. Please note that AUC's Registrar’s Office and UvA’s Central Student Administration will not terminate your enrolment at AUC until we have confirmed that you have fulfilled all of the degree requirements.