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From June 2024 onwards, Amsterdam University College will use GLASS instead of AUC Portal for course registration. Below you can find a guide on how to register for courses for the upcoming semester.

Course registration takes place twice per academic year, approximately two months prior to the new semester. In the academic calendar, you can find the start and end dates for each semester. Students who are not registered in GLASS for a course are not allowed to attend classes of this course and no credits for this course will be registered. 

Semester 1 course registration (Autumn 2024) 

10 June, 10:00 – 17 June, 13:00 

Course registration for the first semester of the 2024-2025 academic year will take place from Monday 10 June to Monday 17 June. 

  • Always register for courses during this period. 
  • Register at any time between 10 June, 10:00 and 17 June, 13:00. Course registration is not on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Certain course entry requirements have changed due to the introduction of GLASS. Please make sure you double check the entry requirements in the 2024-2025 course catalogue for courses you are considering.

Did the regular course registration period not result in a full course load? If you were not allocated the course of your preference you can try registering for a different course during the post-registration period from Tuesday 25 June, 10:00 to Monday 1 July, 13:00. There is no placement guarantee. 

Your last chance to add courses or make changes to your courses is during the late course registration period (previously known as Add/Drop). During this period, you can also add up to two extra courses beyond the 30 EC semester standard. There is no placement guarantee. It's possible that a course is full and you can't be placed. Late course registration for semester 1 is from: 

  • Monday 19 August, 10:00 to Monday 26 August, 13:00 (16-week period + intensive period)  
  • Monday 14 October, 10:00 to Monday 21 October, 13:00 (intensive period only). 


The timeline for course registration can be viewed below. Here, it is also listed when to submit an exception to the entry requirements.

  Registration period Deadline to submit entry requirement exceptions
Course registration Monday 10 June, 10.00 to Monday 17 June, 13.00 Monday 10 June, 10.00 to Thursday 13 June 16.00
Post-registration Tuesday 25 June, 10.00 to Monday 1 July, 13.00 Monday 25 June, 10.00 to Thursday 27 June, 16.00
Late registration Monday 19 August, 10.00 to Monday 26 August, 13.00   Monday 19 August, 10.00 to Thursday 22 August, 16.00
Late registration (for the intensive period only) Monday 14 October, 10.00 to Monday 21 October, 13.00  Monday 14 October, 10.00 to Thursday 17 October, 16.00
Course registration steps
  • 1. Ensure that you are re-enrolled in Studielink (if you have not done so yet)
  • 2. Choose your courses

    Go to the Course Catalogue, find the course for which you want to register and select 'Add to course registration'. You'll be directed to GLASS, the course registration system. 

    You can specify scheduling preferences (see step 6).  

    Make sure to check your timetable for clashes before registering. Check if any entry requirements apply. Read ‘Areas for attention’ for further details about the requirements. 

  • 3. Log in with your UvAnetID

    From the Course Catalogue you'll be redirected to GLASS, where you can log in using your UvAnetID and password.  

    After you've logged into GLASS, you will see the courses you added in your course overview/planning overview. 

  • 4. Add your course to the course registration

    In GLASS you'll see a pop-up that shows whether the course you selected is open for registration. If so, select 'add to course registration'. Your course will appear in the column 'Registration pending'.  

    Note that you're not yet placed in the course. If capacity is limited and there are many registrations, you may not be placed in the course you have chosen. One week after the course registration closes, you can see in GLASS in which courses you've been placed. 

    Read how placement in courses works

  • 5. Repeat these steps for all courses

    Repeat these steps for every course for which you want to register.  

    You can also add courses by selecting '+ add course' and typing in the Course Catalogue number, which you can find in the Course Catalogue.  

    Important note: Some UvA courses have similar titles to AUC courses. If a course code begins with ''900'' then you know that it is an AUC course. Be sure to check this to ensure you are selecting the correct course. 

  • 6. Specify your preferences

    The 'schedule preferences' button (the clock icon) allows you to pick a maximum of 3 half-days during which you'd prefer not to have any classes. You can also specify whether or not you'd like your classes to be spread out across the week. Where possible, this will be taken into account by the system when creating your timetable. 

  • 8. Wait to receive an email telling you if you've been placed

    The results of the course registration are available one week after the course registration period closes. You'll receive an email about this. By logging into GLASS, you'll be able to see in which courses (and groups, if relevant) you've been placed. Your timetable may be subject to change.  

    You can view your personal timetable by logging into the timetable application. Check your timetable regularly before courses begin. 

Areas for attention 

Register for a maximum of 30 EC AUC

Select 30 EC AUC courses that you wish to register for. Generally, this is 4 courses in the 16-week period and 1 in the intensive period. Not requesting a full course load is allowed if you have a valid reason, such as taking an off-campus course or due to not needing a full semester of credits. 

If you request more than 30 EC of AUC courses in the regular course registration period or during post-registration, then your submission will not be considered valid and your selection will not be included in that course registration period. During late registration (previously known as Add/Drop), you are allowed to add up to two additional courses that would exceed the 30 EC limit for AUC courses.  

Entry requirements (previously referred to as prerequisites) 

The Course Catalogue lists the entry requirements for each course. If you do not fulfill the entry requirements for a course then you will need to submit a request for an exception via the AUC Digital Service Desk. This must be done by the deadline mentioned at the top of the page. Decisions will be made by Heads of Studies during the course registration period. You should only register for courses for which you have either fulfilled all entry requirements (or are currently fulfilling) or have been granted exceptions for. You will receive an outcome on this during the Course Registration period. It is the responsibility of the student to have met the entry requirements before the start of the course. 

Certain course entry requirements have changed due to the introduction of GLASS. Please make sure you double check the entry requirements for courses you are considering. Students who wish to enrol in an AUC course for which they met the entry requirements outlined in the 2023-2024 course catalogue, but who no longer meet the new entry requirements as described in the 2024-2025 course catalogue, should submit an exception request. 

Requests for entry requirement exceptions will only be granted if you can demonstrate that you have acquired the required knowledge and skills elsewhere at the university level (e.g. in previous studies or in an off-campus course). Also, please specify which skills and knowledge from the prerequisite course(s) you feel you have already acquired by which specific other course(s). If you are referring to an off-campus/non-AUC course, please include a link to the relevant course description if possible.  

If you do not meet the entry requirement before the start of the course you will be de-registered from that course. 

Off-campus courses 

If you intend to take an off-campus course, you should register for alternative AUC courses in GLASS to ensure you have a full course load in case your off-campus course request gets denied. You will also need to apply according to the guidelines for off-campus courses by submitting a request to the Board of Examiners via AUC Digital Service Desk. Please apply at least 6 weeks in advance of the start of the course. Once your off-campus course request has been approved, ensure you promptly drop any additional AUC courses you will not be following during the post-registration and late registration period (previously known as Add/Drop). 

Community Projects and Internships (CP/I) 

If you intend to do a Community Project or Internship (CP/I), you should select this as a course in GLASS. Please note, you will still need to apply according to the CP/I guidelines and you will not be formally registered unless your application has been approved. If your application falls through after course registration closes, you may register for an alternative course during the late registration and post-registration or by contacting the Registrar

Language courses

For (Contextualizing) Language courses, be sure to read the course catalogue description and complete the Language Level Predictor self-test to determine the appropriate (level) course you should request via GLASS. For further information, please consult the Language courses page.


  • GLASS will automatically try to match your time preferences with the available groups.  

  • Would you like to swap groups? You can submit a request to swap groups (indicated as ‘tutorial groups’ in GLASS) in GLASS at any time up until the last week before the start of the study period for courses where this option is available.  

  • You will receive an email a week before the course begins at the latest informing you whether your request to swap groups has been granted. 

  • Please note: for some courses, swapping may not be possible. 

Course overlap

Some courses have a considerable overlap with courses that are also offered or have previously been offered at AUC. Students are not allowed to count both these courses toward the degree requirements. You can find an overview of the courses via the link below.

Course cancellations and changes

Three courses will temporarily not be offered in 2024-2025: Quantum Mechanics, the Empathic Brain (January 2025, the June edition will run), and Perspectives on Games. To find all changes to the 2024-2025 curriculum, please download the Transition Document:


Deregistering from courses

  • Deregister for any courses you will not be taking, ideally before the start of the period. This will give another student the chance to take this course, and the lecturer will know not to expect your presence.
  • In GLASS, click the course for which you are registered. A window will then open with a button to deregister. Click this button. 

Contact us 

For questions about Course registration, you may visit us during the Service Desk Office Hours. Office hours are hosted in-person at the reception desk in the AUC Academic Building from Monday to Thursday from 12.30 to 13.30. 

You can also contact us by sending us a message via the AUC Digital Service Desk. 

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