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In Autumn 2022, AUC students Ronja Boer and Kim de Otter took part in a research internship on gender identity and academic freedom supervised by AUC lecturer Tamara Dobler which resulted in the podcast series "Conversations on Gender Identity".

Looking at theory and lived-experiences of gender identity

After extensive research and preparation, Ronja and Kim interviewed several academics who have significantly contributed to and shaped contemporary debates on gender identity, including John Collins (University of East Anglia) and Debbie Hayton (Bristol University). In the resulting podcast "Conversations on Gender Identity", they discuss sensitive topics such as gender, the sex and gender divide, self-identification, academic freedom and more over the course of four episodes. The podcast manages to merge sometimes abstract theories and discussions on gender identity with real issues within the AUC community by, for example, dedicating an episode to reflecting on the experiences of transgender students at AUC and how the community can be made safer and more inclusive. 

Listen to the podcast

The podcast is now available to listen and download on Spotify and Acast. You can find all four episodes via the links below.

Logo of the podcast showing shadow overlayed heads of various colours