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AUC campus facilities

Services and amenities in the Academic Building

AUC has it's own academic building located at Amsterdam Science Park. There are classrooms, project rooms, study and event spaces, a café and administrative offices all under one roof. Nearly all AUC classes take place in the Academic Building.

AUC’s Academic Building is in Amsterdam Science Park at Science Park 113, 1098 XG Amsterdam.

AUC’s facilities and services are all under one roof: the classrooms, project rooms, reading and study areas, the Common Room, café, your tutors’ and teachers’ offices as well as the administrative offices and Information Desk.  

Almost all of AUC’s classes take place in the Academic Building. A few specific courses (e.g. practical courses in laboratories or that involve field work) may be held in other buildings of the University of Amsterdam or Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 

Facilities at the Academic Building
  • Classrooms

    Classrooms are locked when no classes are scheduled, but the Common Room, study areas and project rooms are accessible whenever the Academic Building is open. While there are electrical outlets available all around the Academic Building in the study and reading areas, be aware that the number of outlets available in classrooms is limited, so you are advised to charge your laptop before attending class.  

  • Project rooms

    Project rooms are spaces around the Academic Building available to students and are intended for meetings, group work or shared study time. You can use project rooms when they are free, as they are not booked ahead of time. 

  • Study spots

    Two main study areas in the building are on the second floor (Darwin Area) and third floor (Merian Area). These are intended as quiet areas for studying and work, so please be mindful and respectful of your peers in these spaces. 

  • Common Room and Cafe

    The Common Room in the Academic Building is a multifunctional space which hosts events, meetings and is connected to the cantina on the ground floor. Cirfood catering services the AUC cafe, along with all UvA campuses, and offers light meals, snacks and refreshments.  

  • Intelligent fridge

    On the first floor of the academic building, you can find an ‘intelligent fridge,’ which is stocked with a variety of sandwiches, snacks and refreshments and is serviced similarly to a vending machine. Contactless cards are accepted as payment. 

  • Luxury coffee machine

    Also on first floor of the academic building, you can find a luxury coffee machine, which can be paid for with contactless payment and offers higher quality range of coffee options than other campus coffee machines. 

  • Join the Pipe

    The Academic Building is part of the “Join the Pipe” initiative to encourage students, staff and visitors to drink tap water as part of its sustainability efforts.  

  • Lockers

    A number of lockers are available in the Academic Building to use for temporary storage. Do not leave property in the lockers overnight. AUC is not liable for any loss or damage to your property if you use the lockers. Rules and instructions for use are posted by the lockers in the building.  

  • Lost and found

    If you lose something in the Academic Building, check with the Information Desk at the reception. Additionally, should you find property left behind, please hand it in at the Information Desk. Please do not leave any of your personal belongings unattended in the Academic Building. 

  • Tampons and sanitary pads

    In restroom 1.14 in the Academic Building, you can find free tampons and sanitary pads.

No Smoking on campus 

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on AUC’s terrain, which includes the Academic Building and the premises surrounding it. You must leave AUC property to smoke (past the bridge and onto the sidewalk in front of the Academic Building). Do not throw your butts on to the ground or into the waterways – not only is it unsightly, it is also a hazard to the local wildlife.  

Alcohol policy on campus 

For on-campus events in general, AUC follows guidelines that alcohol consumption will not be promoted at nor the main focus the event. A wide and appealing range of non-alcoholic beverages will be made available whenever refreshments are organised for an AUC event, whether organised in the AUC Academic Building or at an external location. 

House rules of the Academic Building

On top of the AUC Social Code of onduct, all UvA house rules apply to the Academic Building. Please visit the pages below to read the social codes of conduct in full.