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There are a number of financial aid options available to students at Amsterdam University College. Learn more about funding and support options.

Financial support for special circumstances

Students who receive the Dutch study grant ('studiefinanciering') and students in special circumstances may be eligible to apply for financial support. For instance, in the case of a study delay caused by illness, disabilities or special circumstances in the family of the student, such as the loss of a parent. The student must inform his or her tutor or the Student Life Officer within two months after the start of the illness or special circumstance

Support for "Top Class" athletes

Students who have received the designation of "Top Class" athlete (in Dutch: Topsport Atleten) and receive the Dutch study grant may also be eligible to apply for financial support in the case of a study delay. Please contact the Senior Tutor, Huan Hsu, by emailing or the Student Life Officer for more information about the application procedure.

You can find more information about receiving financial aid and study delays due to a special circumstance or situation on the University of Amsterdam website

Financial support through AUC
  • AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF)

    Stichting AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF) supports excellence and diversity AUC's student body by facilitating access to the AUC programme for talented students from underrepresented backgrounds. The ASF is funded entirely by donations from a variety of sponsors and stakeholders. Through awarding scholarships, the AUC Scholarship Fund supports selected students while they complete their Bachelor's degree at Amsterdam University College.

    The AUC Scholarship Fund is an independent, separate foundation (stichting) run by the ASF Board.

    For more information on the AUC Scholarship Fund, please refer to the ASF website. Each year the deadline to apply for a scholarship is 1 April to apply for scholarships starting in September of the following academic year. You can read more about the amounts, criteria and who is eligible via the link below.

  • Stichting AUC Solidarity Fund

    Stichting AUC Solidarity Fund is a community-based fund that gives interest-free loans to AUC students in cases of financial emergency. For more information and to view the application form, please visit the section on the AUC Solidarity Fund.

External funds & scholarships

There are various other options for funding your studies. Please find below some links to sites that provide an overview of the different funding opportunities:

Also refer to AUC's website, which contains more relevant information.